A friendly reminder

Hey folks,

Your friendly neighborhood blogger here.

As you've noticed, I've been posting truncated versions of my entries here on A Journey Northwards, with links to the new blog, Serendipity Now. I might do that a little longer still, but as far as I'm concerned business is closed over here.

So if it's not too much trouble, I ask you update your bookmarks/RSS readers or whatever gizmos you use to bring your fine selves to this here part of the interweb.

The new blog address, once again, is serendipitynow.wordpress.com
See you on the flipside!


Fanfare and such...

I had my last Rankin Inlet hamlet council meeting this afternoon. And it was a strange experience.

I had to check my "story radar" at the door a bit. It seems I've conditioned myself to keep an updated mental list of "upcoming" stories. Now that I know I only have a week and a bit left... I no longer need that. It was weird to almost feel myself THINK the story idea, and then put a big line through it.

But probably what will stick in my mind forever was the very end, just before they adjourned - when I told everyone it was my last meeting.


Making the most of my last month

It's funny. When I tell people up here that I'm leaving, and they ask me when, and I say July 23rd, their response is always "Wow, that soon?"

When I tell people down south that I'm leaving, and they ask me when, and I say July 23rd, their response is always "Wow, that's a while away still eh?"

It's like northern Canada and southern Canada are on different planets. It's like the north revolves around the sun more rapidly than the south. Time passes much faster "up here" than "down there."



Anywhere but here

Actually, that should read Anywhere but here but that function doesn't work in titles.

Reader says...

Regardless of what your little note says, you'll miss this place more than you think.

Let's just step back here a little bit. I don't hate Rankin Inlet. I don't hate living here. I don't hate the people here. I don't hate my job.

In fact, I like Rankin. I like the people here. I like my job.

But I'm not happy here.



Nowhere but here

I was reading my latest obsession today, webcomic Questionable Content, and in the run of a couple strips, a character gets laid off, and part of the conversation runs they discuss what to do with a severance check.

In this case, the character in question was going to blow it all on a European vacation of some sort.

I stopped reading and immediately typed in aircanada.com. What a great idea! I could take my hard-earned severance and go somewhere beautiful.



Serendipity is... Kivalliq Air

I came home just before lunch today to pick up my wallet. As I walked through the door, I heard the end of a message being left on my answering machine.

It was the health centre.

Insert groan here. I just about walked away from the machine, to let it drone on in my absence when I heard the words...

Read more here...


What you've missed...

So yah, if you aren't keeping up with what's going on at Serendipity Now, you're missing out on a lot!

It may look like I've not been posting lately, but I have. In fact just this morning I wrote a little ditty about walnuts.

Don't you wish you could read about the walnuts? Well you can, but you have to head over to the other blog.

So scoot!