Its official....

I'm moving to Nunavut.

That's right. Nunavut. As though picking up and moving to Quebec City... where I know no one at all wasn't enough...

Now just 4 months into my CBC-QC career... I'm off again... but this time I'll at least be staying put for a little while longer. Probably two years. Which seems like a lifetime right now. But when I sit and think about it, two years ago... I was still working at Green Gables (ok that also feels like a lifetime ago)... going into third year... but though it feels like so long in the past... the actual time has, of course, flown.

And thus starts another "I'm away from the rest of the world, so here's a catchall, you-find-it-yourself kind of update/blog."

It seemed to work well for a little while with the France trip, until I got too busy traveling abroad and the like to post on a regular basis, but hopefully I'll be a little better about it this town around.

Likely not though, given the number of half-completed journals I have lying around my personal effects archives.

So I move in 3 weeks. Insane. But I'm going home for a week first... so I have 2 weeks to pack up my life here, somehow get some/all of it... as well as myself... to PEI, and then I'll fly out from Charlottetown to Iqaluit (wow my spell-checker doesn't recognize that word haha) where I'll live for a month... before heading to my new hometown of Rankin Inlet.

At least it's close to the ocean...ish... right ??? That's what I've been whining about all summer long here in Quebec City haha.

I have big plans for the weekend, going to head out to MEC where I will spend a nice part of my overtime paycheque... likely on long underwear and disgustingly warm boots (-100 ... my thermometer only goes down to -40... ) But I have already made my first purchase for the northern life... my parka.

Welcome to the world of "Canada Goose" were everything is ultra-insulated down jackets... in either BLINDING red or yellow... or suspiciously inconspicuous colours like beige, white (both the colour of snow...) or black (the colour of... well.. night).

I wanted the black... but then I found a web site where they had the last year's model on for over two hundred dollars off... so I bought that instead (200 including shipping is WAY better than over 400), even though I don't really like the colour as much. That's my first form vs. function experience so far. But if I really hate it... or it doesn't fit (they only had one size... and its bigger than I was going to get) at least I can return it without too much trouble.


Jen September 1, 2007 at 11:17 PM  

Welcome North!

Please tell me about this site you
bought Canada goose, always looking for more places to shop online!

Here is my one super piece of great advice, go to Walmart and buy insulated rubber boots instead of 'them' fancy expensive ones. I think I paid just under $30 and they work fantastically through the winter months! Unless you plan on spending the entire day outside, in which case get the expensive boots!

Jackie September 2, 2007 at 8:32 PM  

So the site I bought my jacket at is... www.SierraTradingPost.com it's completely overstock/closeouts/seconds... but as you well know, that stuff can get pretty pricey... and they do have some decent gear!

Question for you re: your footwear advice (because that is EXACTLY the point I am at right now...) I'm not going to be spending all day outside, but I will be walking 20-30 minutes back and forth to work (and I'm a journalist, so may be going out on the land a bit). Do you think I should bite the bullet and buy myself a decent pair of priceys...?

(I won't hold you solely responsible for my actions... promise!)

Thanks for the welcome!


PS, I think we have the same colour hair haha.