Get yer melt on!

Normally when I walk out the front door at work, I bask in the little warm nook formed by the side of the building and the outside door.

I discovered it a couple months ago, when the sun was back in full-force, but the wind was still bitter cold.

It's a great little hidey-hole, sheltered from the wind and cold, where the entrance-way... by some freak chance... heats a little corner of Rankin Inlet... no matter the outside temperature.

Well today, for the first time, I left the warm shelter of that little alcove... to discover the rest of the world was just as warm.

Don't believe me?

It's amazing. It's useless to try and walk around town these days. I need to buy myself a kayak just to navigate my way to work.

In one short week, I think it's safe to say we lost a good 75% of fallen, plowed, piled snow. And in its wake, rivers that weave across our dear gravel roads, leaving deep cuts in their wake. In some places, the water is easily a foot deep. Kids (and my puppy, for that fact) happily romping in the water...

To the dismay of mothers (and pet owners) looking out the window.

Yes, dear blog readers... spring has sprung.

Sprung a giant leak, it seems :P


mariuszmaj May 23, 2008 at 1:27 PM  


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Kennie May 24, 2008 at 11:46 AM  


Love the new header! It's been warming up and melting here in Arctic Bay too like there is no tomorrow ... knda freaky if you ask me - the North defrosting - but I guess that's what happens when the sun is shinning down on ya for 16 hours a day before hiding behind the mountains to defrost over there.