I like feeling smart

Not that anyone would know, because cbc.ca doesn't do bylines (why, I have no idea.)

But I'm a teensy bit proud of this story. I dug it out of nowhere... or almost nowhere. And there are a couple follow-ups I'll be doing too.

I miss science writing. I did a science journalism concentration in my final year of j-school... and it feels nice to do it again. I find it really challenging, and I have to make sure I get the details ultra-straight, because other people (i.e. editors) are less likely to notice my errors.

The web writer on this story is a woman by the name of Donna Lee. And I give her some serious props for turning my script into a very understandable (at least I think so) print/online story.



Another Twentysomething April 1, 2008 at 12:44 PM  

I ran an identical story about a Yukon company producing "eco gold" last fall, to be among the first in the world. Great minds think alike! Let me know if you want a copy.