a new leaf... maybe

Ever since I got back to Rankin all I've wanted is "GOOD FOOD"

I'm not exactly sure what "good food" means... probably something that vaguely resembles what we were eating in Greece.

Which is kind of funny being as I more or less swore I would never look at another Greek salad again...after a week straight of 2x-greek salads a day....

But I did my first grocery shopping trip since I got back last night... and I don't think I've ever bought so many veggies since moving to Rankin.

I think largely, because they are fairly pricey... and go bad WAY too soon (combination of living alone and veggie-neglect... they always look much better in the store than after 3 days in the "crisper" - which to be honest, I think should be called a "wilter" but whatever...).

But I noticed something when I was in Greece: I didn't crave like ANYTHING. And anyone who knows me is probably dying from shock right now, because I'm somewhat known for my random INTENSE food cravings. I staple of my vocabulary is "I swear, all I want right now is X" or "My new goal in life is to eat/drink X"

I attributed it to the sheer MASS amounts of food we were eating... but the more I think about it.... the more I am convincing myself that it was more so WHAT we were eating. The meals were just heaps upon heaps of fresh vegetables. Quality meats. Olive-oil-fried-potato wedges. Fresh cheeses.

So I now have a new goal. More veggies. More milk. More cheese. Less "fast-food" (or, rather, "convenience" food I think is the better term). And maybe this will help curb my wild cravings for less-than-healthy foods.