You're it!

So, it's a slow morning* and apparently I have been tagged in what I BELIEVE is a meme. I get confused with these newfangled terms floating around the blogosphere (:P). Here's the long and short of it. Tales from the Arctic has said I need to tell people three random things about me. I think. I'm not really sure.

To be honest, I've read the chain of events re: how this whole tagging thing happened, and I think this is quite different from the original concept, where you are supposed to have your hubby say nice things about you (?) and then you write them on your blog.

I do not have a hubby (that I know of), and I am much more a fan of just saying random facts about myself. I mean come on, you've READ my blog, right?

1. I get physically violent (well, not really, but almost) when people leave the top off the toothpaste. Because then this layer of paste-crust forms. And then inevitably, someone squeezes ultra hard to break through the paste-crust, the paste-crust explodes from the tube, and settles on the spout of the toothpaste. THEN, experience tells me, people put the COVER BACK ON IT with the exploded paste crust dripping down the sides... forming a toothpaste glue, rendering the tube useless, and me very red in the face.

2. I know all the words to "All Star" by Smashmouth. And prefer to repeat them, verbatim, in the company of my little sister... while picking raspberries in the dead heat of summer.

3. I wear my watch on the "wrong hand" : I am right-handed, and that's where I wear my watch. Apparently only left-handed people are supposed to wear watches on their right hands. According to my grandfather, at least, this is because if you are using a hammer you could break your watch if it is on your dominant hand. ** But I've ALWAYS worn it on my right hand... because when I was little I did an experiment (using my purple Darkwing Duck watch...) to figure out which took more effort: if I were to turn my wrist to look at my watch if it was on my left hand... or if it was on my right. The right hand won.

Okay. That's all. Now you all think I'm insane. So I think I'm supposed to "tag" someone. So ummm.. Megan... if you're not too busy getting oiled up by Steve this one is to you.

*the first in quite some time... Rankin Inlet somehow transformed into a hotbed of news over the weekend... and I've not had much time to sit and catch up on blogs... or write in my own.

** Pretty sure I got that wrong. All I know is there's some reason having to do with physical labour... and watches on dominant hands... which leads people to believe I'm left-handed because I wear my watch on my right wrist.


Way Way Up July 17, 2008 at 12:10 PM  

I'm backwards too....I'm a south-paw but I've always worn my watch on my left hand.

Robyn July 17, 2008 at 5:43 PM  

#1- I think this is the first thing that a person who lives with you learns. Besides the fact that you like to leave spoons in random places.

#2- I'd also add in that you like to torment anyone nearby with a screechy version of "loving you" while washing dishes. If we're keeping with the music theme.

#3- I also wear my watch on the right hand... mostly because it's easier to check the time when I'm writing. Even easier if it's a digital watch, cuz we both know how great I am at telling time the "real" way.

I think next time you should let me write your list for you ;)