Takin' it easy in the Big Easy

So let the grand ole time in Nawleens begin, I say!
Jeff and I arrived in NOLA this afternoon, after minimal drama (considering the terrible luck we've had in the past with lost baggage and such en route to Greece). The worst of which was probably the fact that they changed MY tickets to a later flight, but not his... meaning I'd arrive 5 hours later, which while not a BIG deal, messed with some of our plans.
We're staying in an old OLD hotel at the east end of the French Quarter, called Le Richlieu. Paul McCartney stayed there back in the Wings days, which sold me on the place(I'm ignoring the seal thing, okay? The Beatles were my first fave band). It's dated, but charming, and has a private courtyard and pool.
First thoughts on New Orleans:
  • Bourbon street scares the crap out of me
  • You can walk from our hotel to Jackson Square in about 8 minutes - I had no idea it was that close
  • Muffelattas are freaking gigantic, and totally not something I will have again
  • The Big Easians like their coffee-flavoured beer
  • Mixed drinks are expensive, beer super cheap
  • They are right when they say the French Quarter was largely untouched by the hurricane
  • It's freakin' hot here
  • Everyone calls me "baby"
  • Southern drawls make everyone sound friendly
  • I think this is a place I'm happy visiting but likely wouldn't want to live in (no offence, NOLA, I just don't think I fit in)
  • No one visits NOLA for 9 days, it's unheard of. But who cares. It'll be full of relaxing and sunshine, and that's all I need.
Well that's about it. We're off for dinner and some drinks, and hopefully some good music. Frommers is leading the way, of course. I didn't hilight and bookmark the sucker for nothin' 
Peace OUT!


Anonymous May 29, 2009 at 10:42 PM  

I love coffee flavored beer :-)