Toroonto Pearson: thoughts

  • I could reaaally go for one of those expressi-pedis. Me dawgs are ever tired
  • The Starbucks Grande green tea frappichino looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream, but tastes like an odd combination of milk and ice and grass
  • When you spill said beverage on the ground, it looks like mint green vomit
  • Mint green vomit is sticky
  • The Air Canada back-of-the-seat entertainment system heats up the plane like its going out of style...and the air vents are like a weak trickle of lukewarm air
  • I really should have just gone for a doube shot of espresso because I am tired and have a big day(week) ahead
  • Red eyes that only last 3.5 hours so aren't worth it
  • In my old age, I've become much less tolerant of airport and airline hooey
  • I hope puppy is still alive