I'm so incredibly frustrated right now... I don't even know if I have the words to describe what a freaking fiasco this is.

I'm sweaty, sore, tired, anxious, blistery, worried... and actually just want to go home.

Jeff can't find any clothes... it cost us 110 Euros to kind of replace our toiletries (airport pharmacy probably not the most cost-effective way to do it, but we didn't have another choice).... this is going to be freaking expensive. Luckily our insurance covers it... but it's a refund... so we have to front the costs.

We missed the early bus to Rafina, because we couldn't find each other, so we HOPEFULLY will be on time to meet our boat... but who knows.

I've been trying to call the tour operator, but can't get the phone to work... I'm just so sick of not understanding what I'm looking at... and *sigh. I just want to relax. That's the point of this. And it's so not happened yet.

We're here. I'm writing this at the marina at Rafina. It's beautiful, I love it. I'm never going back.