Hey all...

First, I really want to thank so many of you for coming out of the woodworks and showing your support. I see the hit counter... and I know people read my blog... but the same people tend to comment (not that I don't appreciate their input!) and it was so nice to hear some new voices.

Second. I think I'm going to keep going with the blog... but circumstances over the next month or so may mean that I'm not posting as regularly.

Third, and most exciting....


That's right. The boy and I are taking a nice little vacay at the end of the month (just 16 days away!!!) and the destination, dear friends, is Athens and beyond.

We had been planning on going south (read: SOUTH south, as in Mexico or something) but on a whim Sunday morning, decided to go to Greece instead.

The selling point, being this AMAZING boat tour around Avia Island. It's to be 8 days long, which will give us a couple days in Athens at the end of our trip. It's not a cruise, but rather a trip on a "traditional Greek caique" (which, of course, I've been calling a "cake") that is for about 12-14 people.

I kind of shy away from the GIANT CRUISE idea... it just seems a little pointless to be in a moving hotel when I could be jumping off the side of my traditional Greek cake, to go for a refreshing swim in the clear blue waters.

My dream vacation isn't a sure thing yet... we're waiting to hear from the company to find out if we've secured space. There's only a few spots left on the boat (one of the drawbacks to such a small "cruise") and so we've got our fingers crossed... waiting anxiously until about 11am, when they should know the answer.

Obviously my/our Athens trip won't be a total bust if we don't get to go on this boat trip, but I will be a little disappointed.

But it's not like there aren't other options.

Has anyone out there been to Athens/Greece? Any suggestions? As I said, this was kind of done on a whim... and neither of us know all that much about the must-dos in the area (other than the Parthenon, duh, haha)

WE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous June 3, 2008 at 3:50 PM  

Long time reader, first time commenter! I love your blog!

You've been writing so much about this "boy" I really want to know who he is and I think many other people agree! So let's hear something and see a photo!

I am so jealous!!

Karri June 3, 2008 at 5:55 PM  

Greece! How exciting! I spent a day and a half in Athens and three on the island of Oia/Santorini. I WANT TO GO BACK! It doesn't look like your tour will take you near Santorini, but I can help a little bit with Athens...

Athens is big and white. Everything is white. And hot. Do the Acropolis (you can't miss it, it's the big hill where all the ancient stuff is, in the middle of the city!) Surrounding it are several pedestrian/shopping streets that eventually become staircases... so cool. I'm sure you'll see more of Athens than I managed, but it's a huge city...

Now I'm all reminisc-y. My memories of Greece are of a strikingly beautiful land with bold colours and heady flowery scents... vivid blue sea and green hills and heat.... I WANT TO GO BACK! I know you'll have a wonderful time, can't wait to hear all about it!

PS I'm curious about "the boy" as well. :p

Matt, Kara and Hunter June 6, 2008 at 2:06 PM  

Me too. Time to give up some info on "the boy" :)

Jackie S. Quire June 6, 2008 at 2:21 PM  

LOL, wow, you guys ever pay attention eh? I just thought I was making some passing comments... but apparently y'all are picking up on the finer details of my blog.

So yes, there is a boy. I met said boy here in Rankin... and we've been together for a couple months now. He's not FROM Rankin, but has been living here for about 2 years.

You may catch a photo or two of the fella in my Greece photos... but while he knows I have a blog, and reads it at times, I think I'm going to keep him kinda anon. (out of respect for a normal person's right to privacy) "the boy" is so much more fun to write... and really... I don't actually write about him THAT much. I'm not exactly the "airing my relationship for all to see" kind of gal.

But, yes. There is a boy... he makes me giddy happy, my puppy loves him... and he doesn't seem to mind that I can be a terribly annoying micro-manager when it comes to planning vacations.

And that's all that matters, right? :D

Anonymous June 6, 2008 at 7:40 PM  

I'm being totally nosey here, but is it Jeff Hunter? Noticed him in your photo cred! I know of him from the Newnavut blog and I know it's no longer "newbieS" but "newbie" over there now!

Don't have to answer out of privacy, I just wanted to share my detective skills!

Can't wait to see photos!!