The internet is scary

Because Towniebastard lacked the enthusiasm to write about this... I am going to instead.

From what I gather, a group of snoops (wow, that's fun to say!) hacked into Sarah Palin's "personal" email account, and published its contents. Kinda.

Now, I say "personal" because it wasn't really a personal email account. According to some, it was a sneaky way of hiding information from Access to Information. But I don't know if these guys knew that at the time. IMHO they probably just hacked in, looking for juicy bits... and came across more than expected.

But that's not the point. The point is that the internet is scary. There are people out there with the time and the ability to hack into email accounts, cell phone contact lists, and god knows what else.

I used to say (somewhat jokingly) that I'll know I've "made it" when I have my own Wikipedia page. But the more I think about that, the less I hope it will ever happen. I'm obviously not scared of people knowing things about me. I have a blog. And I get a decent amount of people stopping by on a semi-regular basis. But I still can hide behind a thin veil of anonymity... because let's be honest... no one really CARES who I am.

Sure they can make the linkages... CBC, Rankin Inlet, Jackie "S"... but seriously. No one cares. So for now I'd say I'm comfortable and (maybe, naively) safe in my little online world. Where no one has the desire to hack into my personal email accounts...

But just to be safe, maybe I better dream up a more secure password.