This is why people hate the dentist...

Because it costs almost 500 bucks for a routine checkup.

And my face feels like I've had a stroke... and the drool leaking out of my mouth was totally obscuring my view on the ride home post-filling.

Things that suck about the Kivalliq Dental Clinic:
- you have to pay in cash
- they are often behind on their appointments
- they are only in town every now and then
- I now may have to rethink the dog neutering (due to small paycheque last week and the need to pay for the dental fees in cash).... which sucks.

Things that don't suck about the KDC:
- they are super fast
- I didn't have to get gross flouride
- the dentist there right now likes to make fun of the Christian Children's Fund. And I quote: "What about the Bhuddist children? And the starving Hindu kids *cackle"
- I got to catch up on my Newsworld (still don't have cable... 4 months and counting) and watch Elizabeth May (not Hay) interrupt the politico-dude.
- I get 95% of that 500 bucks back. It's just going to take awhile.


Andrea September 17, 2008 at 6:24 PM  

It honestly took me a couple of minutes to figure out how drool coming out of your MOUTH was obscuring your VIEW. I still don't quite understand. How is your drool blocking your vision? Are you suffering from upside down face-itis again?

And don't make me tell the stubsta-parents what you wrote about dentists!