Ode to a blogger

Dear fellow blogger.
I know you read this.
And so I dedicate this post to you. As you've given me the highest compliment and greatest honour by your gentle words....
And you will forever be remembered for you kindness.


PS, snooze you loose Jeff. Could have won my heart with one tiny sentence. Who cares if my house has never actually been clean. You could have lied :P
PPS, no, blogger is not dead. Even though this sounds like some kind of morbid tribute.
PPPS. No, there is no illicit love affair going on between THESE two bloggers. Stop being turds.
PPPPS. I just giggled at that last sentence. Because it's funny.
PPPPPS. My dog knows I'm writing about you, and won't leave me alone.


Kate Nova September 9, 2008 at 7:21 AM  

AHAHAHAHAHA! I have it on good authority that said blogger is forever indebted to you for the new trout recipe. She reciprocates the cartoon hearts.