Today is not the best day

Today I feel undervalued:

  • it seems like someone is taking advantage of me.
Today I feel under attack:
  • I tried to figure out a situation on behalf of others and was rudely interrupted and ignored.
Today I feel out of place:
  • Okay, maybe not just today. This is kind of a regular occurrence.
Today I feel annoyed:
  • Someone is getting away with slacking off, and always does, and always will. And it affects me.
  • The phone at work will NOT stop ringing. And though I've been told not to answer the phone (because I am not bilingual) , no one else will do it. And the person who told me not to answer the phone is not here. So it's not like that person can do it.
Today I feel like a fool:
  • for having tears in my eyes over nothing, but being unable to push them away
  • for sending a passive-aggressive email to the person who made me feel "under attack" apologizing for being out of line (even though I don't think I was). And for not getting a response
  • for candy-coating my life in general. Though I doubt it appears that way on my blog.


Anonymous October 6, 2008 at 4:27 PM  

I can related to the fist part of
"Today I feel annoyed", you're not alone.