Jackie and the all-around frustrating Tuesday

I hate Bell.
I hate television.
I hate things I do not know how to operate.
I hate coaxial cables.

I hate mittens that cost 44.00 at the Northern, and aren't even all that nice.
I hate rain that is so cold it feels like snow. Or hail. Or some other miserable wintery thing.
I hate making my puppy go out in that kind of weather, because I know it's cold, and I know he'll just hide under the stairs and I'll have to go out in the brrrr and untangle him.

I hate lightbulbs I can't change on my own.
I hate wiping the counter.
I hate taking clothes out of the dryer.
I hate taking foodmail boxes out to the garbage can. They just blow away anyways. So why bother?

I hate First Air for cancelling their flights out of here.
I hate Calm Air for not being able to offer Aeroplan seats anymore.

I hate that I just seem to have called it quits on my half-finished painting job.

I hate student loans.
I hate credit cards.

I hate the "I want, I need" itch.
I hate the remedy for feeling like life sucks is to buy things online, and have them arrive 3 weeks later.

I hate being away from my friends.
I hate being away from my family.
I hate having grown up so fast and for pushing too hard too fast and too strong.

I hate that I never took a break between high school and university, and university and "the career"

I hate that I feel like this right now, and am depressing the hell out of everyone that is reading this. But too bad. If it sucks, don't read it.


Kate Nova September 9, 2008 at 2:07 PM  

I like your new blog colours!
And I don't even know what coaxial cables are, so you are miles ahead of me in that department.
I think this is a super bumpy time of the year all around, it's easy to get sad.
I'm sorry people are being discouraging about the curling/various schemes. I guess you just have to ignore them.

Jackie S. Quire September 9, 2008 at 2:40 PM  

Thanks KN: I have been messing with them alot this afternoon, and I think I'm happy with the result now.

Some day I'm going to get one designed for realsies.

One thing I've not been so good at developing is a thick skin. Maybe my callous-y self will eventually take hold. But until then I guess I'm doomed to have moments such as these.

Thanks though :)

Matthew and Michele September 9, 2008 at 2:45 PM  

I agree with kate nova regarding the blog colours.

This time of the year the weather can be miserable and keep a person cooped up.

You should try writing a “What I love post”. It may cheer you up.

Bell does suck!

Curling is fun try it!

Don't listen to the person being pessimistic. It has always amazed me that a group will come up with a great idea and have several people willing to put in the effort and have the enthusiasm, just to give up by a couple of negative remarks. Your friends won’t know if the project will work or not unless they try.

Questions to ask regarding said person(s):
- Does this person(s) curl?
- Are they jealous they didn't think of it?
- Do they usually put down other peoples ideas?
- What is their vested interest?

I checked your profile and it says you live in Rankin too. That puts an end to that person(s) argument.

Stay positive and smile.


Robyn September 9, 2008 at 8:12 PM  

I hate being away from you too. I hate having people look at me funny when I make hilarious clown jokes. I hate that you're all the way up there freezing, and not down here melting with me!! :P

Buck up soldier, the shmoops will go away soon :)

Mongoose September 9, 2008 at 10:49 PM  

Oh, you're not depressing me at all. You're making me feel happy that I love my life, I love cold weather, I love walking my dog in cold weather, and I love the choices I've made - including growing up so fast. Thanks for the positive moment. :)

KOTN September 10, 2008 at 12:28 PM  

Co-Axial cables warm my dark heart. I love wires.