So props to Renee, for pointing out that I've been a total dunce and not really said anything about what my job actually is!

So I'll be taking up a post as the CBC North's staff reporter in Rankin Inlet. Which, to say the least, totally blows my mind. I am thrilled to actually have a "career" ... let alone doing the job I have always dreamed of doing... at the ripe old age of 22...

But don't even ASK how I got the job, because I don't even have a clue. I've not done news since third year j-school... and though I've had a crazy amount of experience this summer, getting out and flexing my french skills, my reporting skills, and my confidence levels... I haven't gone anywhere close to news, just sticking to the familiar (or rather, assigned) current affairs "beat."

But I guess I did something right :)


Jen September 4, 2007 at 8:46 AM  

Hey again.
Here is the link on the light therapy:

(you might have to just copy and paste this link)


I am not saying that you need one, most people manage just fine without it. I just found that I was a little down during the dark season, so this year I am giving it a shot. Christmas lights help in the same manor (had mine up in November LOL)! It's just crappy until Christmas, and then you can look forward to the days getting longer. By February you can notice more light almost minutes extra daily! The dark season is magical in it's own way, it might just be harder getting out of bed in the morning!

Another Twentysomething September 4, 2007 at 6:40 PM  

We'll be doing our first northern winter together!! Maybe everything will seem so rule-breaking, if we pretend its always the middle of the night. "Let's go tobogganning in the dark!" or "Let's go buy groceries...in pitch black!" I'll take me thrills where i can get them.:)
I also have a mega-MEC trip planned when I g home this fall, since they were out of winter stock when I moved!