Grampie would be proud

A group of us went out to a friend's cabin this weekend. It was a fair ways out... about 1.5 hrs ATV-drive, but it's on this cute little peninsula with a beautiful view and clear waters. Seven of us left on Friday night for the cabin... and our numbers dwindled a bit as the weekend progressed (I finally left last night, but there are still three people who will be coming back today)... but it was a great way to spend a long weekend... and here I am today, with the whole day to myself.

You have to understand the craziness of this cabin. Or, rather, what MOST cabins are like outside Rankin.

I've not seen a LOT of cabins, but basically they are spruced-up shacks...off the grid... basically a more permanent tent. With counters to prepare dinner on Coleman stoves...sometimes a couch and make-shift table, and often a set of bunkbeds. Essentially, the cabins out here provide better protection from the elements, a place to cook meals and sleep AWAY from the flies.

But this cabin? Holy crap. Talk about luxe. Generator. Outhouse. Sinks. Television. Sleeps 14... real mattresses... unreal. If it had actual plumbing it would be considered a cottage down south. Hell, it's even winterized ... insulated and has a furnace.

They also have a decent sized boat with outboard motor... so we (of course) went fishing....and I caught three!!!!!!!

You have to understand how much of an accomplishment this is for me. The last time I went line fishing was when I was eight, and my grandfather took my sister and I to Ben's Lake - - this fish pond in PEI where they dump hoards of fish so little kiddies like us can have the joy of actually CATCHING a fish. I think since then I may have gone smelt fishing, but that's different (you use a spear and sit in a little shack on top of the ice).

So I'm officially an experienced fisherwoman, I came back with the MOST and the BIGGEST fish of our crew (lol, I'm not competitive at ALL). I hadn't really been all that keen about fishing in the past... but then I'd never caught anything either. And now I have three big, beautiful trout.

And it was glorious.

So between the 1.5-hour ATV ride (also a Grampie-thing... he used to have one and drive it around the "mini-farm"...aka couple acres of land they have in Flat River PE ... where the only animals to be found are the neighbour's dogs) .... and the fishing excursions, I figure my Grampie would be proud of me and my weekend adventures.

Happy Birthday Grampie!


Matt, Kara and Hunter August 4, 2008 at 3:36 PM  

I hate you for catching fish!! I fished all weekend and didn't catch a thing!!!