So cool...

So I'm really into Canadian music.

I have been for a couple years...ever since I discovered Limblifter (side project ---offspring of The New Pornographers). My addiction centres on sort of indie-alternative sounds of the canuck variety...not so much into ultra-pop or country.

And any little triumph ... be it "appearing" on CBC radio...polaris prizes... just sends me over the moon.

So imagine my glee when I opened up the iTunes store today, to find out one of my VERY favourite bands, Two Hours Traffic, has the song of the week.

How very freaking cool is that? Not only are they Canadian, but from PEI too. This group of guys who started playing in the battle of the bands in Ch'town when I was in high school now have the song of the week on iTunes.

Amazing, guys. I'm so happy for you.

Now excuse me while I rock out to "Heroes of the Sidewalk"