Sick in Scotland

A longer entry will follow... I wrote it this AM but in my stupor, left it with my bags at the hostel, where I am not... and then decided to write a blog entry.

Oh well.


I either have a serious case of allergies kicking my ass... or a head cold. It's probably been a full year since my allergies have killed me (bonus for the North: nothing really GROWS there... and so no seasonal allergies), so I can't really tell which one is at fault.

Either way, my throat hurts, my ears are plugged, my nose is stuffy and I'm VERY dopey. I hit the drug store this AM as soon as it opened and stocked up on whatever I could find, and have been chugging back orange juice in hopes it might boost my immune system.

All I have to say is that I'm glad to be in an english-speaking country while feeling like this. If I were in France or Greece right now, life would be much less bearable... the pharmacies there are "talk to a person behind a counter in a language you don't speak and hope you are given the right non-prescription medication." Very tricky.

But I'm alive. A bit groggy, and a tad tired, but alive.


Anonymous August 24, 2008 at 6:09 PM  

It's been a few days so I hope you are feeling better and you can enjoy the Scottish sights.