Too much money

...in too many different currencies.

I never actually cleaned out my wallet when we got back from Greece. I never bothered to exchange that extra 20 euro bill that lingered in my wallet (that's how rushed we were at the airport... didn't even have a chance to blow that last 20 on something fun)... and so it still sits there, all by it's lonesome, feeling like an ugly ducking beside its Canadian brothers and sisters.

But the worst of all has been my little change compartment. I've been so overwhelmed by the Euro/Canadian loonie/twoonie similarities that I just STOPPED spending change, and so it's slowly filled to the brim as I toss away 20-dollar bills on small purchases.

And then today, in prep for my upcoming (3 days!!) UK excursion... I went on down to the RBC to pick up some lbs (pounds, haha, I'm so witty). So now I have Canadian money, pounds sterling AND euros all mingling in my wallet. It's like a little pocket-sized United Nations.

I'm soooo worldly, haha.