A big week for law and order

Connie, Pickton, and Lutha ... oh my!

I can remember, sitting in the Midweek newsroom thinking how SICK I was of hearing about the Pickton trial.

And then at CBC QC, being EXHAUSTED from the goings-on of the Black trial.

But as those two... fairly monumental... court proceedings enter their final chapter, O'Brien's (aka Lex Luthor aka Mr. Clean) has just begun.

Okay, so fair enough "innocent until proven guilty" ... but somehow... I just shake my head. I still can't believe he won that election. And I guess the fools who voted for him will just have to deal with the consequences of their actions... now that his ability to run the city ... in good faith... has been seriously questioned.

If I were in Ottawa right now, I'd just be fuming.

But in local news, the municipal/hamlet elections are being held tonight. Its kind of interesting how they do it here, you don't vote for all the councilors/mayors at once... instead you vote for half of them, every year. So everyone has a 2-year term (haha quite reflective of the fast turnover in people up here), but there are annual elections.

Much less "political" it seems.