I'm such a sap

Freakin' movies getting to me and pulling at those weakened heartstrings!!

I think I've mentioned this before, about how I constantly use terrible made-for-tv movies and soundtracks to relive the in-person experience of musicals I've seen.

Rent was on today.

I can still remember really clearly certain parts of that show. Its a really... hard show, emotionally. Its got amazing energy, but when I listen back to the 2-part CD, I rarely make it past the first 15 tracks. Because I KNOW who dies in the second half, and it just kills me every time. But I watched the whole movie today, in-between playing "fetch" with sully (which he has somewhat, though not completely, grasped).

There's something about musicals that make me think I am a much better singer than I really am. But my vocals reverberating off my apartment walls... significantly less flattering then in the car with the windows rolled up.

In any case, today, the movie killed me, not because of who dies (I don't want to spoil this for people who haven't seen it...) as is usually the case, or the scene at the near-end when person #2 is near-death... and there is the infamous "candle moments" ... when I nearly broke down and bawled when I saw it in Ottawa (but didn't, I held my own...)

But the last song of the movie, before the credits.

"there is no future
there is no past
thank god this moments not the last
theres only us
theres only this
forget regret
or life is yours to miss
no other road no other way
no day but today

will i lose my dignity
will someone care
will i wake tomorrow
from this nightmare
theres only now
theres only here
give in to love
or live in fear
no other path
no other way
no day but today(x6)

i cant control
my destiny
i trust my soul
my only goal
is just to be
without you the hand gropes
the ear hears
the pulse beats
life goes on
but im gone
cus i'd die without you
i'd die without you(x5)

no day but today"


Rob & Tina December 3, 2007 at 12:03 PM  

I was going to watch Rent yesterday on the movie network as I haven't seen it yet and I'm glad I didn't. The kids would wonder why I was bawling in the middle of the afternoon! I'm a super sap when it comes to movies. I still can't watch the escalator scene in "Shall We Dance" without bawling, and I've seen the movie at least 10 times.