Jackie the recluse

So as I think I eluded to in my past post...
I am spending much of this Christmas break somewhat under the weather... I wasn't feeling too hot on the plane ride from Winnipeg to Toronto (and that's before we had to make several attempts to land... ug)...
And normally I fly so naturally, it's like I was born with wings! But I had to do some serious mind-over nausea meditation to make sure everything stayed where it was supposed to.
So unfortunately, it was not just the flying that made me less-than-my-cheery self... I ended up home, but nice and sick for Christmas Eve eve, Christmas Eve, some of Christmas... and Boxing day.
Not completely "can't function" sick... but "not fun to be around, not really all there" sick.
So maybe as a result of that... maybe thanks to my newfound "quieter" lifestyle, I felt somewhat at odds with the boisterous "father's side of the family" reunion.
But that's okay. And I think the aunts/uncles/cousins (all 25 or so...) sensed that... and I only had to explain things in great detail once or twice, which was great. Not that I mind explaining things, but I'm 100% not good at it when I'm at only 50 per cent brain capacity (like I have been the past couple days).
Anyways, all in all... a satisfying Christmas/Boxing day. Lots of good food (probably too much... especially for my poor, recovering stomach)...


Anonymous December 27, 2007 at 9:23 AM  


I'm sure you were the best Christmas present your mom and dad received this year. Thankfully you retrieved those gifts that went to Winnipeg first or your mother would have been out doing last minute shopping for sure.

I know all that "boisterous" crowd on your dad's side - I can only imagine the clatter as it is with my own family. Thankfully the weather was cooperative for the off-Island members to make it to PEI.

I hope you are feeling well before you do return to Rankin Inlet so you can really enjoy your family and friends during your vacation.

Cousin Edith