I think it's official, my new hobby is/will be cooking.

Or maybe, to be more precise, baking.

I am of the opinion that baking is cheaper... as you don't have to pay for all that pricey meat and potatoes. Because every good meal is based around meat and potatoes :P

There is just something strangely satisfying about kneading dough. Ooo, and that punching it part is fun too when it has risen.

I even was like "hmm... maybe I'll buy one of those cool mixers like Martha Stewart has..." until I realized it was like 700.00 bucks hahaha.

I've decided she's my new favourite TV personality. And possibly my new idol. Except for the jail thing... and even that has provided for fantastic Martha moments in the past month.

My favourite things about Martha Stewart:

  1. When, two weeks ago, when Andy Samberg was on the show, and he was like "you should come on the show" and Martha's response was "I was invited once, but I had to go to jail to get the invite" I was like *jaw hit the floor... the prim Ms. Stewart not only acknowledged her jail-time but made a JOKE about it on-air!!!
  2. She's always got the exact right amount of the ingredients pre-measured and laid out on the counter in these little saucers. I tried to do this last night when I was making cinnamon rolls... but only go so far as doing it with the flour. Then I was like "this is stupid, I'm just going to have to wash all these extra dishes..."
  3. She's constantly excited for any kind of alcohol. Be it wine, sherry, brandy, ANYTHING. And she's like "clearly we need just a LITTLE BIT more of THIS..."
  4. She loves eating. Who can hate that? I'm oft tres jealous I can't partake, but that's just me being selfish.
Okay, that's enough of my blatant Martha-worship... but I'm totally going home and may or may not be putting one of her recipes to use. Wooot.

www.marthastewart.com, when opened in Firefox tabs... multiple Firefox tabs.... it looks like THIS: