Is anything sacred?

I have to say that events like this, make me really happy that I've (more or less) secured a spot with the CBC.

All through journalism school, the Toronto Star was pointed at as the supreme example of where we should all want to work as print journalists.

Now, for the record, I was never all that interested in working at a daily...

But the elimination of so many jobs was still a bit of a smack in the face. 160 jobs isn't anything to sneeze at. Torstar says they were eliminating redundancies... everyone's favorite downsizing mantra... but I have to honestly wonder if there were 160 journalists etc. sitting on their asses twiddling their thumbs. I doubt it.

There's a fine line between keeping people busy and over working them. The one reason I wasn't too keen on doing the daily newspaper thing... is that I wanted to have a life. I saw that kind of journalist as a non-stop go-go-go always on, never rest kind of person. While I can muster up that kind of energy when needed... I can also see it getting to me, leaving me a very weary 22-year-old.

I work in a small office, in a remote community. My medium of choice is one that was "dead" before I even signed up for it. Torstar cites a weak newspaper industry for the cuts. An increased reliance on web news (though, at the same time, cutting their web department... so that's sort of hypocritical).

So I have to wonder, when the dust settles after all these media wars, and the battle for advertising dollars and resources is over....

Will all that survives be a publicly-funded broadcaster? Or are we as endangered as the rest?