Schmoopville, population: me

It is Saturday night, at 8pm. And I'm feeling like a giant schmoop.

I just finished looking at my little sister's Facebook, looking at pictures of her and a friend going out for Wendy's (because McDonald's was closed).

I want McDonalds. I want a Big Mac... and those little shoestring fries and McChicken sauce for dipping.

I want to go anywhere for supper, but I can't because it's ALL CLOSED.

I want to get my freaking hair cut. I hate it right now, I'm even nearing the point of getting the scissors out and doing it myself.

I won't, but I hate looking homeless, and have been watching too much TLC.

I want to wear shorts (even though I hate shorts).

I haven't been paying attention to the weather anywhere else in the country (I only occasionally compare Rankin to Iqaluit) .. but I guess I'm finally realizing how nice the weather likely is in the rest of Canada... and I'm a bit jealous - - it's -32 today with the wind chill.

Granted, it was nice for a couple weeks there, floating between -15 and -5... the sun is making things better every day....it rises at about 4:30 (I saw it peek through the blinds this morning) and sets at about 9:30.

Maybe I'll go out and take some pictures of town tomorrow... provided it's not too cold. I'm still at reduced mobility these days, but I have the CBC truck, and can hobble a bit when needed.

Ooo, even better. I think tomorrow I'm going to put a kaibash on internet/tv. I will have a lo-tech day (use of vehicle for picture-taking excursion excluded) and just read, I spent too much of today sitting on my ass watching Bones.

That's probably why I feel schmoopy.

Tomorrow will be better :)


North of Nain April 20, 2008 at 6:59 AM  

Hi Jackie,

Sounds like you've got a case of 'Spring Fever' This is the time of year that I am occasionally tempted to hang up on well meaning family and friends when they lay claim to "It was +10 here today". Enjoy the sunny days, get you a** out of the house on these days and enjoy the fact that you can get a suntan even when it is -20. That sun is an amazing thing.

You need to get out more and do stuff...trust me. I know your mobility is still a bit off, but do stuff in the house. Spring clean and down-size. Look at everything you brought up, have you used it yet? If not...toss it! Buy yourself something nice. A nice package in the mail will make you feel good. Order yourself a nice pair of clam diggers or a new pair of bright shoes and by the time they arrive you will be able to enjoy them outside!

Hugs from Iqaluit.

Idealistic Pragmatist April 20, 2008 at 11:31 AM  

Well, here I am to tell you that the much-more-southern-than-you prairies are currently suffering under an unexpected April dump of snow. In Edmonton it's only a few centimetres, but down south in Calgary there's so much that they're telling us to keep off the roads. So there's no reason to be jealous of us, anyway. The weather is screwed-up everywhere--at least up there it's normal!