Well, even I'll admit that title is a little misleading, because I didn't actually EAT muskox today, but I certainly saw one, skinned and chopped up into much-larger-than-bitesized pieces.

Pictures (maybe) pending. If there's anything left by the time I get home after work, grab my camera, and drive back over. We shall see.

I think I would have been a little more upset with what I saw if I had of been around for more of the "butchering" process. But it just sat there, with different cuts of meat on display... I didn't see any organs ... and not really any bones either.

I guess it goes back to what Jen was saying in her polar bear post.

Living in the south... unless you live on a farm... you don't really see meat for what it is. You see it cut up, packaged, ground and frozen. You don't think about the animals behind them. Well few of us do. It's a coping mechanism. Distance yourself (geographically and emotionally) from the process, and just deal with the end product. I think what upsets people about what's done up here, is it's much more open.

There's no processing plants, there's a plywood box, a little axe, a couple good knifes and a lot of meat. People drive by to admire your "catch" stop by with a Northern grocery bag, and pick up a slab to take home for supper... or the next day's meal (I've been told muskox takes a good 5-6 hours to cook!).

That's just the way it is.