Sneaky manoeuvrings

Friday afternoon I get a phone call looking for the woman who used to do my job. I believe I remember them saying they were from canada newswire. They were calling to update our information. I don't currently receive any emails/news releases from CNW so I obliged.

This morning I get in the office and see I have 3 new messages in my junkmail folder. CBC has their email set to 'exclusive' so we don't get spam (I think). So I regularly check my junk folder.

Starting at 5:33 PM on Friday I started to receive mass emails from eNDP: "Your election survey", " Halifax rallies for change", "Layton has the momentum."


Not likely.


Way Way Up October 6, 2008 at 10:17 PM  

Thankfully I don't get stuff like that at my work although I am planning to get mass revenge on the lot of them for all the political emails I've been getting. My plan was to request an election sign from each of the main parties just to see if it arrives in time (which it likely won't) and then complain to each party afterward about how their sign never arrived on time (which I might)