My dog is SMART: S-M-R-T

  1. A year ago, probably longer, I placed the inner leaf from my dining room table across the entry way to my laundry room. At the time, puppy was small. Very small. He couldn't even climb up stairs by himself. He did not jump over. Now puppy is bigger. He still doesn't not jump over the divider. The divider is short enough that the puppy CAN jump. I've seen it. It happens every day when I put his leash on, and take him outside. He jumps over, he jumps back. Then the leash comes off. And he stays inside. He CAN jump, he just chooses NOT to.
  2. Puppy hates the rain. Not the snow. Just the rain. I don't think he likes the bitter cold much either. How do I know this? Because when it rains, or when it's unbearably cold, Sully hides under my front steps (sometimes actually burrowing down INTO THE GROUND) and loses all control over his waste functions. It's sooo frustrating. But he's not really losing control over his bladder/sphincter (wow, never thought I'd work THAT word into my blog ramblings). No, my dog is being passive-aggressive. You see, he's SHOWING ME that he doesn't have to use the washroom, by DOING IT IN THE HOUSE. "C huuman? I no has 2 P N E more"
  3. A variation on point #2: sometimes, if I catch him before he graces the house with his bodily functions, and take him outside, but think it's too freaking cold to go out myself... he'll just sit on the top step. And whine. Such a painful noise. But he won't actually MOVE DOWN THE STEPS TO TAKE A SHIT until I come outside too. Misery loves company.
So yah, my dog may not be able to do all those circus tricks like "shake" or "roll over" but he IS capable of thinking at a higher level.

Or so I tell myself.


Danielle Sharkey December 3, 2008 at 10:02 AM  

i love that you talk about dog poop in your blog. its ... hmm... refreshing really isnt the word...
maybe just weird!