Working Nights

I like working nights.
Which is a good thing, because that's what I'm doing today... gearing up for the results of the hamlet election here in Rankin and across the territory as well.

I don't exactly know WHY I like working nights. Maybe I only like it because it's a change of pace. It mixes things up a little bit ... I get to sleep in in the mornings (today excluded, because I didn't know I was going to be working late when I got in this morning, otherwise I wouldn't have)... and I find that I'm more focussed when I work at night.

No coworker distractions. No bank or post office runs.

And most of all... NO PHONE CALLS.

The lack of phone calls is probably what I like best about working at night. Back when I was 'allowed' to answer the phones (it's been decided for me that I should not answer the phones now because I'm not bilingual - even though I basically know what people are asking for 90% of the time - even if they are speaking inuktitut - but that's another story) I would probably pick up the stupid thing about 10-20 times PER HOUR.

It was exhausting.

But after hours, the only phone calls that come in are for me. Little old me. And it's wonderful.

Like I said, I heart working nights.