Dreams are a wish your heart makes?

I don't know, Cinderella.
Something's either wrong with YOU or wrong with ME.

I've been having some reallly trippy dreams as of late.

Saturday night, I dreamt I was back in Mexico. And for some reason decided I was going to go directly from Mexico to Athens. By myself. Mostly for the food. And I wasn't going to tell my coworkers/boss.

Okay. So, the food we had in Greece was fantastic. But I think we hit every single hot-spot in Athens when we were there. So why the hell was I going to Athens by myself? And I remember thinking that in the dream. I was like "Dream-self, why are you doing this? Why are you just running away to Greece for no apparent reason? You are just giving yourself a panic attack thinking about this, self. Don't do it." But dream-self didn't listen. And boarded a plane for Greece. And freaked out about not having told work she wasn't coming back on Monday. And real-self woke up all panic-y.

Then Sunday night, I had a continuation of the Greece dream. Dream-self was still going to Greece, but this time was freaking out NOT over the work thing... but some kind of electronic-security-blanket thing. Dream-self was all panic-y because when speed-packing for Greece, she didn't have her shiny, new GPS. And both real-and-dream-self have serious getting-lost issues. So we freaked out. And then we didn't have our new, shiny camera either. So we couldn't document anything.

And what's a dream-girl to do when she can't find her way OR take pictures of being lost?

She wakes up, and feels like an elephant is sitting on her chest.

Stupid reckless dream-self, messin' up my life.