Sulky Sully

I swear.

Ever since I got back from Mexico, the pup has been SO MUCH MORE NEEDY than ever before. Its like he had a serious, chronic, case of separation anxiety when I was gone, and now he needs to be near me at EVERY GIVEN MOMENT just to make sure I don't sneak off again.


I sit on my bed. He follows.

I sit on the couch to watch TV... he rests his noggin on my knee.

I use my laptop, and he nudges my hands off the keyboard, and sticks his nose on the handrest.

I make a move towards my parka, and he starts barking like the calvary are coming or some nonsense.

Granted, it's kind of adorable. Normally he'd just bounce around my apartment until I had been driven sufficently crazy, and sent him to "his room." I like that he is spending quality bouncing time with me. It makes me happy.

But dude. When I jingle my keys cuz I'm going to get some pop from the store room... the barking REALLY isn't necessary.


Your owner and food-supplier,

Jackie S. Quire.