Blizzard conundrums

Here's the tricky thing about blizzards:

Blizzards are driven by wind.
Wind is not static.

So while conditions may look "bad" one minute, they literally can change to "horrible" ... or even "clearing" the next.

Such is the problem I'm faced with every morning there is a blizzard warning for Rankin Inlet.

You see, the staff apartment I live in is actually on the EXACT OPPOSITE end of town from the CBC station. Why this is the case, I've not the foggiest idea. Also, Area Six generally gets the worst of the weather conditions in town, because we are on the far side of the bay. So while my co-workers (many of whom live just down the street from the station) go in to work, I end up at home for the day.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. But a lot of the time I end up second-guessing my phone call to Iqaluit. I'm really the only one who can make the call as to if I should walk to work or not. Today, for example, I was up at 6 to monitor the weather situation. It didn't look good. I couldn't see very far down the road, and the winds were pretty fierce when I let puppy outside to use the washroom.

So I called and said I'd re-evaluate at lunch.

And now I feel guilty because it sounds like the GN is heading to work, and I don't know if school has been cancelled or not. So I look like this giant slacker. Grr. Really, that's not the case. I have interviews lined up that I'm now going to have to reschedule. What a pain.

Oh wells. Hopefully they trust my judgement.