Status update 2:


I swear, menthol is the best thing since ... well I would say sliced bread, but I'm anti-bread these days, remember? So the greatest thing since... um... Lay's Salt and Vinegar Chips. Yes. That makes sense.

I spent every spare moment I had the past 2 days doing this fun little shoulder-stretchy things, because I was sooooo stiff in my upper back.

SO I had been looking for this little jar of icycold stuff I have... or my "heavy legs" lotion my nanny gave me (I would take offense, but it's Yves Rocher and just penetrates your skin with tingliness and feels great on stiff or sore muscles). Finding neither, I resorted to the "beached whale on the lysol can" trick... which while embarrassing was moderately successful.

And then today I found the lotion... and now I'm seriously enjoying tinglies all over my upper back.

Man, having the morning off has really gotten to me. Or maybe it's the menthol fumes?