Arctic musings

I walked to work today. That may not really be a big deal to most people, but I live in Area 6, and my work is a good 20 minute walk when I'm listening to my ipod and not wearing 18 layers of clothing. Its a tad longer when it's -20 and I need to dress accordingly.

I was thinking though, on my way to work, about how crazy it is that it's November already. It can't have been that long ago that I was in Iqaluit, in Quebec... in Ottawa for that fact. Seems weird to think that just a couple months ago I was passing my weekends by reading at la citadelle... going to concerts on the plaines... in school...

I guess its part of "growing up"... where your life seems to simultaneously go by in a blink of an eye... but then months feel like they were a lifetime ago. It makes me happy and sad all at once. It means that before I know it, I will have been up here a couple years. And I will reach that crossroads where I decide to move onwards and southwards... or that Nunavut is a place I want to spend a larger, more substantial part of my life.

When I think about the places in Canada I would like to live... and work... I'm very torn. I wouldn't mind living in Iqaluit. It's a decent size, and the folks at the CBC there are just fantastic.
But the north does have its disadvantages. As I think we've (Northern Bloggers, I mean) all discussed by now, the price of getting home is substantial... and food selection is limited. I also think I'd like to live/work in Vancouver. I don't exactly know why... but the city is sort of a hub for all my favourite music... not to mention being on the ocean. Again, not very close to home, so that's hard. Finally, there's Halifax. And I'd like to think some day I'd have the chance to work there.


Kara and Matt November 7, 2007 at 10:22 PM  

I understand your musings, especially about where you want to live. Before I had Hunter, I had no desire to be close to family and hadn't lived at home in 10 years. Now I keep thinking about being closer to them so Hunter can know his Grandparents and cousins. Who knows what will happen. We are now into our 5th year north of 60. It has gone quickly!