I don't know what it is, in particular, that makes office phones so freaking difficult for me to understand.
I literally had just mastered all the quirky little features of my old phone (and programmed the speed dial for my news editor / producer...), figured out what buttons didn't work...

And today I come into work with a new one glaring at me from my desk.

Yes it's prettier than the old one. But much more confusing. The buttons don't have WORDS on them, so I have to associate a SYMBOL with a meaning... which is all very well and good when it's a red octagon we're talking about, but how in the world was I supposed to know that the swirly "Nortel" symbol actually was the "feature" key?

And when there is an incoming call, there is a triangle with a phone receiver hovering over it. When that call is picked up, the receiver moves to the left. AND THEN when its on hold, it moves to underneath the triangle.

Ok, in hindsight, the symbols actually make sense for this one. I just realized the triangle with the receiver over it is supposed to be an old-school telephone. And when it is on hold, its like the receiver is beside the phone (or in front of it) and when it is in use, its like the receiver is being held straight up-and-down... so like the phone is talking to the receiver.

Doesn't change the fact that I'm still struggling.