Things I like

  1. Waking up after only 5 or 6 hours sleep and actually feeling refreshed
  2. Spraying and swirling in my "signature" perfume... which had been packed for the past two months.
  3. Tea from Wittards in Picadilly Circus. That is long past its "best before" date, but when you only get there once every two years, you make it last.
  4. How giant my hair is when I actually take the time to do it in the morning
  5. Sit-down showers
  6. When my dog doesn't eat his poo, and instead leaves it for me to clean up from the laundry-room floor (yes, cleanup is actually a good thing)
  7. Being in the zone, and producing decent stories for the next morning, even when its ten o'clock at night
  8. How the two "staple" items from my apartment in Quebec actually go with my new apartment. Multi-colour area rug + green pampasan chair + oxblood leather sofa = swanky
  9. How much more relieved I feel now that all my belongings have finally arrived, even though they are piled ceiling-high in my dining room.