More bad luck

I do not understand. Maybe its just because I'm ordering more items online than I ever have before, but I'm having the WORST time of getting things delivered to Rankin.

I am in the world's biggest barroom brawl with UPS right now. Or at least the people contracted by UPS to get my stuff to me. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this already or not, but my wii is officially lost.

As in, I will not get it.

As in, it may or may not have dropped out of the back of a Calm Air flight into the Hudson Bay at some point in the "delivery" process.

And they will refund my credit card in.... oh... a couple of weeks. Not re-shipped. Nope, because they are SOLD OUT now. So now I have to maybe try and find one online somewhere else, which is going to get increasingly impossible as the holidays near.

I am just almost past the point of being annoyed, and ...

Wait, no, I'm not. I'm still definitely annoyed. But I just wish things were a little more reliable. I'm spending serious money, can't things arrive within 2 weeks? Shouldn't be that much to ask.

And now Sully's stuff may also be lost... well Pet Smart doesn't seem to know where it is... the tracking number they gave me doesn't seem to work, and I've been talking to them since Monday trying to figure stuff out.

I mean, I know, actually, it's not just me. Jaime and Towniebastard both had "issues" with tracking and delivery with UPS and their Macbooks... but at least they eventually got their stuff.



Jen November 21, 2007 at 7:01 PM  

This might just be dumb advice, but when I can't find courier junk, I a)check the airport to see if anything is just sitting in the back, or b) check the post office because sometimes it gets dropped off there. I always have problems with petsmart because they don't ship to P.O boxes, so I always have to make up a street name to get anything. And then they tell me that street names doesn't exist....duh! Things through Canada post just seem so much better!

Kennie November 21, 2007 at 10:31 PM  

Wow .. that really sucks Jackie. I haven't had any issues thus far with getting things sent to me ... sometimes I think the shippers wished I wasn't a fly in community as it costs them a heck of a lot more than it does me for shipping (hehehe). Haven't had any issues with getting gear from Apple up here. It's either sent via DHL / Fed Ex (get's it to Edmonton and from there it does the trek across the great white north making more stops than I will ever do up here) or it gets shipped Purolator to Iqaluit and then sent up via Canada Post Express from there.

Now, getting things out of Nunavut on the other hand... I have had some crummy experiences with..

Hope it all works out and that your Wii is found!

aida November 25, 2007 at 10:54 PM  

that sucks, hope your Wii is found! I do what Jen does as well when I am suppose to get something and it seems forever and its not here yet.