Nothing makes me happy like good music

I love hearing music I know and love on the radio.

Key words: know and love.

As a rule, especially throughout my angsty high school years, I was known for widely proclaiming my hate for commercial radio. I despised the music on "Magic 93," and maintained the only good radio station out there was CBC (which was sort of funny, because while I vividly remember saying this, I don't have any memory of actually LISTENING to CBC...).

I was a discman girl, through and through. And the CD that spun most often was the soundtrack from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. And second-most: Little Shop of Horrors. I was a strange kid, come to think of it. And I think I knew that I was passionate about sort of strange music, but defended it vehemently. I was the REAL THING. I had SEEN these musicals (well RHPS, anyways) and loved it, and listening to the soundtrack was like reliving the experience.

I still do this today. There's something about soundtracks that just jolt my mind's eye.

Of course, things have changed. I'm still anti-commercial radio. I am totally lost at clubs, because I don't know any of the songs or the words. I am not very good at "bringin' sexy back" and such things.

But I can, and do, and love, rockin' out to my one true love: Canadian indie music. I don't know what it is, but I am addicted. New Pornographers, Limblifter, Immaculate Machine, Joel Plaskett... all make my knees weak and heart flutter at that rare, and priceless moment ... when I hear "MY" music played on the radio. Its rare, its sweet, and for three and a half minutes I feel like an actual, normal person, humming along with the radio.

Totally worth waiting for.