Northern lessons

Things I need to learn to survive in the arctic:

  1. Patience. Just ask anyone who knows me. This is NOT my forte. Less because of a "everyone/thing should cater to me NOW" mentality... but more so because I get so incredibly excited about things... and then they take forever to happen. Case in point: the shipping of my belongings, my Wii (which may or may not be 100% lost), the possible purchase (notice how its becoming less and less of a definite?) of my ATV... the list continues. Honestly, I think I would just be much better off if I hadn't been told such things would transpire MUCH SOONER than they really have. Seriously, I only really get impatient when things take longer than I'm told they will.
  2. How to gauge when I need to wear my wind pants. Yesterday, it was not quite cold enough. So I was just like a human sleeping bag, walking to work. Today, it was DEFINITELY cold enough... but I only wore my jeans, snowboard socks that go up to my knees and that were like 50 bucks (but I got them on a veeeery good sale) because THAT'S how warm they are (haha) and my POLAR-THERM long underwear. Shrug, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it eventually.
  3. The magic word... or combination of words that will encourage my puppy to do ALL of his business outside... and within 5 minutes of us going out there... rather than just whining and looking at me pitifully... and then storing it all for the laundry room floor. As Jen has said... puppies make mistakes, but that's why they are made so cute. So we will forgive them anyways.


Jean Bouchard November 9, 2007 at 4:22 PM  

Hi! First, my name is Jean Bouchard. I am French Canadian (Quebecer), I live at Qu├ębec city and my english is very bad. So I apologize for it. I hope you will understand.
I write to you today just to say your blog look very nice. And I must confess to you that I have been surprised to discover you live in Nunavut, a territory that makes me dream. I would like so much to visit this part of Canada. Sometimes, I say to myself the people living out there are lucky. Well, that is all for now.
I am journalist too for the writing press at part time. I do love writing.