Ex-cuse me?

So I just found out that HALF my stuff has been sitting at the Rankin
airport since OCTOBER 30TH! And do you THINK my movers told me? Do you
THINK I got a call? Do you THINK that half of my pop has probably

I wish I even had the adjectives to describe how annoyed I am right now.

I am just plain SICK of measuring out cups in tablespoons. I am tired
of wearing the same two pairs of pants. I want a glass of wine. Is
that too much to ask? Really.


aida November 9, 2007 at 3:07 PM  


been a reader for a while. about this post. my husband has been waiting for a bunch of computers to show in iqaluit for almost 2 weeks. i told him what are the chances if the computer magically appeared on the day he was suppose to leave? and true enough, it did, talk about being frustrated! apparently the computers were in begining of the week and since my husband is not based in Iqaluit but in Arviat, no one told him about this. of course he was pissed.