Being romantical and such

I am not going to deny it. I have my cynical moments.

For the longest time I declared myself an anti-Valentite. Not just while I was a single gal, but protested the event so vehemently the first year the ex and I were together, he decided the only thing to do was go over the top and woo me to death.

We lived half a country apart at that time, so going all out was a tricky affair. But it was pretty cool all the same. Roses, (balloons, I think) and a care package. The roses were a great surprise, but it was the little Expresspost bundle that really melted my cynical rock-hard heart. Inside ... just a bunch of doodads... but each with a special meaning. I laughed so hard as I pulled each one out of the envelope. Sometimes because they were so obscure. Sometimes because they brought back a familiar memory. And once, because it was Street Fighter III on DVD. How romatical!

My parents always did a little something for my sister and I. Most years DD and I would come to the dinner table on Valentine's day to find Dad had placed red and white carnations at our table settings. And mom scooping "pink potatoes" onto our plates.

(Many many years ago, when I was just a bite-sized Jackie, my parents discovered I was allergic to red food colouring. This revelation came via a very red Valentine's day cake, which as the story goes, I couldn't get enough of. So I never was "allowed" to indulge in the token v-day treats... and as a substitute, "pink potatoes" were born. Pink potatoes, for those not in the know, are regular mashed potatoes... with beets mashed in. The colour becomes BRIGHT FUCHSIA and they taste like heaven.)

They say Valentine's day is a day for couples. But if my parents ever made anything clear, it was more "just" a day to tell people you love them.

Either way, I'm not as anti-Vday as I used to be.