Dear blog:

I am sorry for being neglectful as of late.

I have noticed a pattern of diminishing inspiration as the week goes on.

Full of witty repartee Monday and Tuesday... which tapers off Wednesday... and a plateau forms leading up to the weekend.

But then sometimes a nice cup o' java gets me all creative at about 11am on Saturday.

I will be tout seule as of tomorrow. The roomie is going on a month-long vacation. Only to return to Rankin for a couple days before leaving forever.

It will be weird for me to live on my own again. It has been really nice having someone besides Sully and I in the apartment. Nice to have someone to share a chai latte. Nice to have someone to make up really obscure drink names (Screwhound anyone?). But I always knew it was temporary, we both did, and I'm really really really happy for roomie... and that she got this job. I know it is exactly what she wanted: career-wise and life-wise.

So kudos babe. And come back some day so we can share a bloodhound kay?


Nunavummiut February 29, 2008 at 9:04 PM  

If we share a bloodhound, we will have to share the toilet to vomit in after. LOL