Mad world

I have to give my head a shake some days. I don't always realize who I've become, and what I do. And how I've dreamed of this (but always thought it just beyond my fingertips) for quite some time.

In less than ten minutes I do another Newsworld "hit" (aka 2-3 minute interview with the host, Heather Hiscox). I didn't think something like this would come up again after the blizzard. But then no one in this town... or beyond... thought this power thing was going to happen either. 

But yet again, here I am, sitting on the phone, listening to Newsworld. Listening to Ralph Goodale pre-analyze the budget... call Mr. Harper the largest-spending prime minister of all time. I'm officially "in the board" haha. Which I think, just means I'm in the wings, ready to go on. "On deck" to use an all-too-familiar softball analogy.

Last time, I was sweaty palms, I was deep breathing, I was NERVOUS. This morning... I'm okay. I have been told, by several people "over there" that Ms. Hiscox loves me, that I am good at doing these reports. So that helps in the confidence sector.

AND this just in... I'm following BOOMER GALLANT today. Not Ms. Jones. It's going to be an all-Island all the time news run for the next segment.


Haha, before I went on this morning, I had two little "hellos" said to me during the commercial break:

"(me: COUGH COUGH) Oh Jackie that sounds awful. Just wanted to check in, say hi, thanks for coming on again and we love having you on the show"
- Heather Hiscox

"jaaackie sharkey, how are yah? Aaaaaaand what part of the island are you from?"
- Boomer Gallant

Pretty cool, no?


Kennie February 26, 2008 at 1:59 PM  

I have to say Jackie ... that is awesome! And I have to say I love Boomer! He just makes my day when he does the morning forecast :-)

Jackie S February 26, 2008 at 4:08 PM  

Thanks so much Kennie!

I have to stop with my "cbc updates" on my blog, though. It's becoming a brag-blog!!!!

Kennie February 26, 2008 at 4:52 PM  

ahh we all need to share in our working joys! Especially when you have all of Canada with their eyes on you :-)