Favorite song of the year thus far:

Heroes of the Sidewalk by Two Hours Traffic.

What is it about a song that makes you just want to put it on repeat. Some random combination of melody, lyrics and personal connection?

My personal connection is on more than one level.

First: These guys are from the Maritimes. But they have that disgustingly addictive "indie rock" sound that I just love.

I remember the days when "east coast music" to me meant Anne Murray and Rita McNeil. Thank god those days are over.

And even cooler than being from the Maritimes? They are from Charlottetown. Hometown pride yo!!

My second personal connection: there's this section of lyrics that I just feel, when I hear them, are just TOO ME.

Fill our bags up with booty
They don't know what to think about us cutie
We'll be the heroes of the sidewalks in our town

You're my idea of lady
Hold on to my bootstraps baby
And drag me around by your ponytail

I know, in pasting these lyrics, most of you folks will be like "okay, whatever Jackie." But it is just classic classic amazing.

(Listen to the album here)

The final coolest thing about Two Hours Traffic? Their album was produced by Joel Plaskett. Another uber cool Maritime musician... who just HAPPENED to seriously clean up at the ECMAs this weekend in Fredericton. And my little sis was there for some of it.

DD, if you had the chance to see the Joel Plaskett Emergency and didn't, I am going to shun you for several years. Which will make our trip this summer very painful for you.

But I won't care.

Cuz I'll be bouncing around with my ipod, listening to Joel Plaskett/Two Hours Traffic. :P