Rankin ramblings

I'm torn.

I can't decide which is better/worse:

To be sick and stay at home and get no work done all day (leaving others to pick up your slack... at least in my profession)

Or to be sick and come to work, functioning maybe at half-capacity (if that) but also possibly infecting fellow co-workers.

There's a not-so-fun cold bug going around Rankin these days. Coworker 1 was out most of last week... Coworker 2 had it this weekend... and Coworker 3 (who never ever takes time off due to illness) just left to go home for the rest of the day.

I have no desire to come down with this thing. Granted I'm always a fan of a little extra sleep... but not if it comes with a razor-blade throat and achy body.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but it actually feels like it is getting a bit warmer. I don't think we had a -50 (or lower) day at all last week... which is a VAST improvement. And I've been doing more walking than usual (for me) the past week as well.

Our poor decrepit work vehicle (which, mind you, is just 2 years old) is still DOA. He's been frozen stiff for over a week now. It makes things a lot harder from a reporting point of view. It's times like these I wish we had a backup snowmobile or something. At least then it would be easier to get around and talk to people.

I just got a kind of funny phone call, from this gourmet shop in the states. I was watching Martha Stewart (lol, I know, shocker) on Friday and there was this fellow from Sardinia sharing recipes etc. Anyways, they mentioned you could get a couple of the ingredients on their website (www.gourmetsardinia.com) ... things that would otherwise be impossible (for me anyways) to get my hands on. So I sauntered over to the site, and picked a couple things to buy (Bottarga and Fregula) but it didn't work, so I didn't give it a second thought. Just shrugged and thought "no biggie." My life wasn't going to be worthless without Fregula.

Anyways, they just called me, apologizing for it not going through, and they were swamped with orders... and it just struck me as quaint, sweet and funny all at the same time. Some dude's who appeared on Martha Stewart... his store called me to apologize for not being able to immediately process my order.

FINALLY: (I've been working on this blog post intermittently all day) I just got asked by Newsworld to do a story tomorrow morning. 6:25 EST with Madam Hiscox re: the power outages. I should have done this at the end of last week... but with the lack of power and general insanity, it just wasn't going to happen.

Anyways, as someone's said to me in the past... I've officially become CBC's "bad shit is happening in the north" correspondent. But really (*knock on wood*) what ELSE can happen?


Way Way Up February 25, 2008 at 8:38 PM  

I'm not so sure about the "bad shit happening in the north part." I think it has more to do with the South's fascination with some of the extremes and unique situations that can crop up here from time to time. I think weather stories always make for good press just because ultimately we are a northern nation. But because most of Southern Canada was hammered just as much (or more so) with inclement weather this winter as the North, they just fixate on other things.

I still think its cool you're in Rankin representing CBC in the field so to speak. Growing up I don't recall ever seeing or hearing a Northern point of view on the national news. Keep up the good work.

Jackie S February 26, 2008 at 1:27 PM  


Respectfully, I think it is a bit of both. I think it has been first, a very "unlucky" year for Rankin ... but also, the north fetishism in the south

But thanks for the props :D

Kennie February 26, 2008 at 2:04 PM  

Gee .. I don't remember that ("bad shit correspondent") ..I'm gonna have to go through all of my comments now ... :-)

Oh, and that flu that is going around is a bitch. I had it last week and all I did for a whole day (after crawling out of the bathroom to call my boss) was sleep. And I mean sleep. 22 hours of it to be correct. Take the time off, and get well!