A serious case of the schmoops

Today can't be Monday.

I understand that it is the day that followed Sunday (and the Superbowl)...

and precedes Tuesday...

But I just am not in the mood for it to be Monday.

I don't feel like interviewing people today... don't feel like writing up stories, don't really feel like sitting here at the office at all...

I am antsy, minutely frustrated, uncomfortable (my back feels like it needs a good stretch, but my desk chair doesn't permit) not to mention unfairly static-y.

I refuse to look in the mirror because I will just be horrified at what my hair has become since I left the house this morning (that's what happens when you combine extreme dryness with extreme cold... a swirly-twirly gumdrop hat ... and a fleece zip-up.) I feel like my entire head is one of those electricity-globes.

I will now entertain you with a photo that not only sums up my schmoopy-ness, but also demonstrates what a swirly-twirly gumdrop hat actually is.

(For all you sad, depraved folkies who do not know)


Tina February 4, 2008 at 7:21 PM  

OMG you're so cute! You have the Joey-pout! :)

jennifer of nunablog February 4, 2008 at 9:04 PM  

Well, you may have the schmoops, but you've also got some wonderfully shaped eyebrows! Man could I use a good brow wax! Or at least a friend who handles a pair of tweezers well!