I was perfectly happy being a sandwich-hater.

It worked just fine for me all through grade school, jr. high and high school.

I brought leftovers from the night before, and was the first kid I knew to eat Michelina's at lunch.
My sandwich ban was basically without no exception. I say basically... because there was one sandwich I would die for. One sandwich I held above the rest... even denying it belonged to the hated sandwich-family.

The Subway veggie sub.

I went ... from grade four... until after high school never letting another sub cross my lips. The veggie sub carried me through the hard times. When the parents would rush DD and I to play rehearsal right after church. The noon-time dash from Green Gables to the boardwalk... praying we'd beat the lunch rush.

We go way back.

I even went through a stage where I'd make my own at home. With a store-bought sub roll, cutting the bread with the trademark subway oblong scoop (I told the family I was in training for my Subway career)... and stuffing it to the brim with lettuce/tomatoes/green peppers/onions/cheese....

Basically, the Subway veggie sub escaped the three things I hated most about the generic sandwich:

  1. sliced bread
  2. deli meats
  3. tomato/mayo-induced sogginess... from it being made long in advance
And then. My mom came to visit me this summer in Quebec.

And we walked to a little deli on St. Jean.

And she bought sliced roast beef.

We ate it on a fresh baguette.

With cheddar cheese, mayo and mustard.

And it was glorious.

I hate to admit it. But it is true. I have fallen for the roast beef "sandwich". But I'm not a complete sellout.

I swear.

I still dislike soggy-ness. I will only eat a sandwich if I make it just before eating it.

And I don't eat it on sliced bread. I am currently in love with "squagels" (square bagels doncha know). OOoo. And its ultra yummie when toasty and warm.

As for my sliced meat kaibash... well. I like roast beef. I'll keep it at that.