The delicate art of packing (and other pre-travelling tales)

All my life I've had this nasty habit of staying up WAYYY too late the night before I have to travel somewhere.

When I was in university, this was usually because I was taking at 6 am flight out of Ottawa bound for Charlottetown.


So I would leave the actual packing until... oh about midnight. Then spend at least three to four hours watching episodes of Family Guy on my computer while further procrastinating. Then I'd go to bed just an hour or two before needing to wake up and get my butt on a plane to that fair island of mine.

Now, I think you get the DEGREE to which I HATE packing...and the legnths I'd go to avoid it.  But here's another little (ha) known fact:

If I HATE HATE HATE packing ..... I HATE HATE HATE HATE (to the sideways-8) cleaning.

Unfortunately both are a necessary evil when leaving on vacation.

So I spent most of the early part of this blizzard-y week packing. Yes it took me several days, but I am only taking a carry-on and another big purse. After my Greece baggage headaches (I never did get that bag back...) if I can at all avoid checking baggage en route to my destination, I will. Way back? No biggie. But the very idea of having to go shopping for bathing suits (when I already special-ordered the ones I have... long story) in a little fishing village in Mexico? No thanks.

So the bag's been packed. So you'd think I would have gotten a good long night's sleep last night, riiiight?

Yah, not so much. I had SO MUCH cleaning to do, it's not even funny. My neighbour is looking after Sully when I'm gone, and so I couldn't exactly leave the place in semi-disarray. It had to be cleaned, mopped, tidied, washed... and whatever other verbs one can associate with an immaculate household.

I didn't get to bed until 3 (or was it 4?) am last night, and the cleaning's still not done. I woke up at 7 to finish... but ran out of time and now have to leave work early so I can throw out the junk in my fridge and take out the garbage. Oh and do the dishes. Eek.

I am burning the candle at both ends folks.

Want proof?

Well, I just looked down at my top, to make sure it wasn't doing anything scandalous... and noticed that one of the two shirts I'm wearing is INSIDE OUT.

Yep. Wonder who else noticed.

(And here's where I'd insert the quirky theme-song music. If I win a Nunie this year that is what I want as a prize. I want Kate Nova to compose me a quirky theme song that I can play at the end of these "sitcom" moment-posts. Oh. And a million dollars. That should do it.)


Anonymous January 16, 2009 at 9:37 AM  

Hope you have a good flight today. See you tonight!

Kate Nova January 16, 2009 at 9:51 AM  

Dude, I am all over the quirky theme song. When you get back send me a couple lines and presto, the song machine will return them in good order. You need to call inflatable elvis's answering machine someday for a sample. It is lovely. I won't publish his number here because I doubt he'd appreciate. Haha. And my roommate and I wrote a song about GN blizzard days yesterday.
Happy travels!