Maringue, Tequila and Donkeys

Haha, I drew you in a bit with THAT post title, didn't I!!
So it turns out there's this little internet cafe-style thing here in reception, so I will have the opportunity to post from time to time...
But I've imposed a half-hour per day limit on myself, for all computer activity... otherwise I'd spend valuable sun-time inside staring at an LCD screen.
So I've officially gone though an 80-degree Celsius change in temperature in just a couple days. In Rankin last week, including wind chill, it was -55. It is +30 (WITHOUT HUMIDEX) here in Rincon. Crazy how the human body can adapt so quickly to rapid and intense changes in climate.
Obviously I was MADE to be in the tropics, haha.
So yesterday much beach time was enjoyed, and I learned how to meringue. I also probably walked a good 2-3 kilometers and went on a short bike ride. It's amazing how when it's not minus infinity outside that really makes me want to get out and enjoy the weather and be active. I expected to want to just lay on the beach all day, but there's a lot going on ... and who am I to say no?
And it turns out that going on my own was actually a VERY WISE idea... it leaves me free to get roped into potentially embarrassing situations without fear of actual embarrassment or other repercussions, haha.
You see, the meringue dancing was set up by the activities co-ordinators at the resort. And I just happened to walk by at the right time. They encouraged me to come and dance, and who was I to say no? When else was I going to learn how to do the "coochie coochie" (HA)?
But then the dancing became an international paper airplane contest (apparently precise folding trumps form... my little dude got third place!)... and THEN they tricked us all into GARGLING TEQUILA WHILE SINGING 'LA CUCARACHA'. ON A MICROPHONE. IN FRONT OF AN AUDIENCE.
All I can say is next time I have a cold or a sore throat... I'm going to break out the tequila. That stuff will clear out any mucus you've got going on in record time.
In just an hour I leave on my "outdoor excursion" - - a trip I saw online and they happened to offer here at the resort. We're going to Puerto Vallarta, then into the jungle for some zip lining, donkey riding, and rappelling down a waterfall.
Freakin amazing.
But for now I'm going to go stuff myself with some brekkie. I hear donkey riding can be exhausting :P


Tina January 19, 2009 at 10:12 AM  

Can't wait to see pictures of you and your "ass". hehehe.

Robyn January 19, 2009 at 2:53 PM  

ahhh, I'm so jealous!! Sounds like you're having an incredible time... and trust me, dancing, donkey-riding and gargling tequila are MUCH more fun than you would have been having sitting in Durham while I worked and went to class lol. Expecting lotsa pics!